I’ve been fascinated by imagery since I picked up my fathers SLR as a young kid. This fascination led me to study photography where I acquired specific skills that now help me understand and translate lighting and composition to my digital work. Over the years I’ve worked in-house as a senior retoucher, with advertising agencies BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi and M&C Saatchi. In addition, I regularly collaborate with award-winning photographers and with clients directly. My passion today is the digital realm where I have over 16 years’ experience in front of the screen. 

If I’m not pushing pixels, I can be found bird watching in nature or in the Skydome (Go Jays!). Originally from Australia, living in Toronto. I’m very slowly learning to appreciate Canadian winters.





I believe that good retouching shouldn't feel "retouched". No matter if it's food, product, architecture, fashion or even imagery for social media, a precise and non-destructive procedure is always the most visually pleasing for the customer. Every image has its own unique process, and being able to work in a methodical workflow ensures the highest of quality for every brief. Whether it's a simple clean-up or grading, to a detailed beauty shot, or even a pixel by pixel product shot... there is a unique and developed technique.

Image Compositing 

Combining any number of separate images together through advanced understanding of Photoshop to create a meticulously crafted final piece of work. My knowledge of light and procedure is crucial in enabling all combined elements to sit harmoniously together with technically correct lighting, placement, and scale. From creating photorealistic advertising campaigns, or executing abstract creative projects, I thrive on these briefs. If you have a wild idea, contact me to discuss it and let's collaborate on some wonderful work together.

On location consultation

Sometimes it's difficult to see the big picture when dealing with a complex composite, especially when you're a photographer who's simply trying to focus on capturing the best possible shot for the brief. It can be of great benefit to have some technical consultation present at a shoot to ensure the best files are captured for digital preparation. My services for on-site consultation can include quick mockups for the client to understand the direction, in addition to working with the photographer. This service is strictly for consultation, and not to be confused with a "Digital Technician" role for the photographer. 


Want to have a bit of fun with your online content? If you'd like a high impact image for your website or social media, a Cinemagraph is a great way to make your work stand out. They have more impact when there is only a subtle movement, something that just catches your eye as your scroll through a website. I have developed a specific professional procedure to create a Cinemagraph that doesn't use consumer level applications such as Flixel. Call or email me to discuss how we can work together to capture the required assets for make a Cinemagpah!

Efficient Turnaround

Each image and client have very specific and tailored needs to be able to produce the perfect finished product. It's important to be able to work closely together to interpret exactly what is required so we can proceed with the production of the work in the most efficient and quality controlled manner possible. Having worked in the industry for some time, I understand that your clients impose tight deadlines. My aim is to accommodate everyone involved while setting realistic and efficient timelines for completion of the job. 

On and Offsite Archive

Our work is valuable. I have a highly secure storage system with two drive redundancy, as well as keeping all final approved images backed-up additonally and securely offsite, to enable you to sleep well at night. I store all RAW, working layered files and final versions of the images for a time of three years. After this time, only the final approved files will be archived permanently.

Online file delivery and billing

Final files are sent securely to your preferred email address with a simple "click and download" link to receive the approved work. Along with this, I provide online invoicing with private access to our complete work history for your reference. Payment is simple with options like credit card, direct deposit, Paypal, Interac or cheque. With a simple click of a button, you can pay via a link that is sent with your online invoice. For privacy invoicing is never attached to an email, and all client billing history is privately viewable online free of charge.